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Our Hessle dental practice has been providing quality private dentistry to Hull, the East Yorkshire villages and North Lincolnshire for nearly three decades.


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Our Hessle dental practice team's aim has always been to provide high quality private dental care with a personal touch. We ask, why doesn't the world seem to care about people any more? From the youngest of the young to the oldest of the old, we all deserve to be greeted with a smile.






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Every dental practice has its niche. Here at Hesslewood Lodge, we'll cheerfully admit we're not a multi-site giant run by venture capitalists who know nothing about dental care. We're very individual - from our surroundings in the conservation area of western Hessle, to our staff. We hold solid traditional values about caring for people, while embracing the very cutting edge of dental technology and techniques.

Our hearts lie in quality family dental care, provided with humanity and understanding, but we can also provide a great deal of the most complex cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry, from smile makeovers and treatment of gum disease.

As West Hull Villages dentists, (HOW TO FIND US) we are also one of the rare British dental practices where all of our dentistry is mercury free as we never use amalgam. If you'd like us to, we'll also remove old metal fillings using the protection of dental dam to prevent the chance of swallowing debris. The dam we use is also latex free in keeping with the whole practice philosophy.

Our philosophy is summed up by our Mission Statement, click on this link to read it.

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Hesslewood Lodge Dental Practice's website is written by us personally, so it's not loaded with retouched stock photos of perfect families, or attractive young ladies with gleaming white straight teeth, and a hint of soft focus. (That's one of our daughters above!) It's not as "sharp" as some of the web designer sites out there, but it's us, exactly as you'll find us - "heart on sleeve". If you dig deeper you'll find pages on dental advice and more. 

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