Our patients pay for their care by either our DPAS administered Practice Scheme or by Fee Per Item (Pay As You Go)

As a 100% private practice, we offer various methods for patients to fund their dental treatment

Fee per item -

  • Patients pay for time used plus any laboratory fees accrued. Complex dentistry is priced individually as the skill and potential costs of the work are higher. Our credit card payments are fully compliant with the latest in security technology, provided by Trustwave.


Practice scheme -

  • Full Practice Scheme - patients pay a monthly fee, which covers all their routine dentistry. Laboratory fees and specifically cosmetic treatment are charged additionally.
  • Maintenance Scheme - patients pay a lower monthly fee and have their examinations, scale and polishes and routine x-rays covered. Any additional work is charged at a discount of 20% off our usual fee per item fee.

In their own way, these variations are a little like mobile phone contracts (but infinitely less complex!)

Click on this link for information about our Fee Per Item rates

Click on this link for our Practice Scheme information

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