There are a few different types of crown. Follow this page and links to learn far more than you need to know!

Crowns - first have a quick look at this Wikipedia page to get some grounding- follow this link to some information on crowns.

Quite good, the Wiki page above!

Basically, a crown is a thimble of some sort of material cemented onto the top of a tooth. They're done to restore a badly damaged tooth back to shape or sometimes to a new shape.The point is to make something that's just too difficult to shape in the mouth. So, they're made using a model of the tooth. The model's made by taken an impression of the tooth using a silicone material and then filling this with very hard plaster. There is one technique using CAD CAM whereby the tooth is scanned to produce a virtual model - see the section called Cerec.

When we use wooden broom handles, they often have a metal ring around the end to stop them splitting. This ring is called a "ferrule". The crown in this picture has obviously failed the brief!

dental crown, cracked crown

This is exactly what a crown is designed to do - take a tooth that's weak structurally and strengthen it by wrapping it in strong material.

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