Cerec - CAD CAM manufacture at the Practice


Cerec - Scan a cavity. Feed the data into a milling machine and it makes the filling or crown while the patient waits. The restoration is then cemented and finished at one visit. Undoubtedly clever - but we don't use it!

Here's why not - 

  • The cost of Cerec equipment is very significant. So most dentists lease them. Leasing generates a monthly outlay - a significant outlay. If there's a monthly outlay, then it needs to be covered. This can lead to a condition described in dentistry as "Feeding The Monster". Basically, there's a danger that a technique is used just to cover the outlay on the equipment. We won't buy into this mentality.
  • Restorations are made from a block of material which is one colour all the way through. We believe that, even if these materials are stained on the surface, they will not produce a life like restoration. The depth that light reflects in a tooth is critical to how it looks compared to the teeth around it. We believe Cerec doesn't offer what we need in this respect.
  • Our Practitioners' experience has been that we have seen teeth restored with the Cerec technique that have been problematic. This suggests that the method is "technique sensitive " - in other words some dentists will get much better (or worse) results than others. We feel we have more predictability with restorations made in a laboratory or directly in the mouth.

So, if you NEED a restoration done at one visit, then Cerec may be the technique for you. We think we can do a better job and at a significant financial saving.


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