Modern technology is rapidly replacing some of the traditional dental laboratory techniques.


Traditionally, the strongest tooth coloured crowns had a metal "core". This core was made by the lost wax casting technique in exactly the same way as an all metal crown. Increasingly this technique is being overtaken by CAD CAM and many crowns have fancy variations on porcelain for their inner strength.

This series of videos demonstrates how CAD CAM crowns are made by the laboratory - you'll not that the technology in this case is the same Cerec system that we can use to make crowns at one visit, but choose not to!

So that gives you the data for the manufacture of the crown - next step is to make the core using a milling machine


And then build up the tooth on top - from here on in, it's the same process, whether the crown has a traditional core or a CAD CAM core.

Finally, finishing off of the tooth


If you've got this far, you're either a dental student or a nerd! Either way, wasn't that fascinating? And far more complicated than most people expect! There's far more to a crown than merely digging one out of a box.

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